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BIM Services for Contractors


Why BIM in Construction?

We believe that BIM can be transformed into a key project control tool. Our unique contractor approach focuses on providing and enhancing the information workflow you need from the moment the designs are being studied all the way to constructability and execution. We firmly believe that BIM is primarily a strategy that must be aligned with the overall management strategy of your company. Whether you are an HVAC contractor set on leveraging your BIM to align prefabrication with installation priorities, or are a general contractor in need of balancing different resource assignments while maintaining progress and schedule objectives, CCT has the solution.

What We Provide

CCT’s BIM authoring and consulting services are specifically tailored for contractors. They empower you with BIM models that reflect your requirements, constraints and construction sequence. These services typically include:

  • Developing BIM execution plans, modeling and quality procedures
  • Creation and breakdown of models that support your requirements at various project phases
  • Developing BOQs based on CSI coding or any other coding required by clients
  • Developing summarized and detailed material take-offs (MTOs) per BOQ (Bill of Quantity) aggregated on any Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) level for planning and scope of work definition
  • Developing material Take-off reports per BOQ per object (coded as per the unique project object coding system) to link the 3D BIM with C3D® as well as other project control systems
  • Support of procurement operations
  • Developing professional high quality presentations and photo-realistic images
  • Assist in value engineering studies
  • Provide visual planning and visual progress monitoring functionalities
  • Establish visual reporting and querying systems
  • Provide professional assistance in finalizing the material selection task and develop digital mockups
  • Establish 3D crane layouts and utilization studies
  • Develop logistic plans and site accessibility studies
  • Develop constructability studies
  • Develop visual simulations for construction method statements
  • Develop and implement 3D BIM based QS systems with automatically generated valuation sheets
  • Support variation orders and change management workflows
  • Develop 4D (BIM + schedule) studies and material forecast utilization over project life span
  • Support and validate subcontractors´ work and integrate their systems with clients’ in-house systems using EDI procedures.