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OpliSYS for Bar Bending Schedule

Preparing and maintaining bar bending schedule data at construction sites is one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks. Generating lists of reinforcement steel bars with size, number of bars, cutting length, weight of steel and a sketch representing the shape of the bar to be bent with all dimensions and bend angle is a crucial task in every construction site that needs excessive amount of time for data entry and calculations. With increasing cost of steel every day, bar cuts re-use and minimizing bar waste has become essential. Reports generation for progress monitoring and rebar info communication with fabricator is a key point. BBS software empowers you to face all of the above challenges and more. OpliSYS BBS was tailored to fulfill all requirements that might be needed in bar reinforcement and scheduling and is the result of years of evolution and modifications and lessons learned in the field.

OpliSYS BBS is not an Excel or spreadsheet based solution. It is complete standalone software that eliminates time consuming work of bar data entry, length calculations and dimensions constrains enforcement. OpliSYS BBS uses international standard libraries of shape sketches (BS 1989, BS 8666:2005, American) with their weight and total length calculation formulas including non-standard shapes where data is updated based the number of dimensions of each shape.

OpliSYS BBS has an organized multi-level WBS-based hierarchy starting from the project level until the members and their details, grouped by BBS sheets and tracked by revision control on all levels. One of the most important features of OpliSYS BBS is the ability of bar cutting optimization in several combinations to reach minimal bar waste allowing the reuse of cut pieces residing from previous cut fabrication activities.

OpliSYS BBS is interfaced with Excel for import and export and with other products of our company for bar stock, bar order and reference documents management. User has the option of manual data entry of each bar or import of batch of bars from Excel. It can be seen as a powerful reporting tool that generates various forms of reports for management, engineers and fabrication shops.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimize bar waste by running optimization process on batches and generating cut-list report to follow during fabrication
  • Multiple International Standards Support: Control the reinforcement standard you want to use among British and American standards. In addition to 3 out-of-the box standards ready to use, you can add new standards or even modify existing standards down to every detail like shape dimensions, total length calculation function, dimensions constraints, etc…
  • WBS-based hierarchy: Divide your project on a WBS of four levels where bar detailing is on level four
  • Dynamic Import Tools: Import WBS hierarchy and bar MTO details from Excel using a dynamic mapping that can adapt to various Excel templates
  • Automatic calculation of bars lengths on the spot as dimensions, type, size and bend angle are entered based on international standards
  • Revision Control: Import and create new revisions of bars when engineering drawings change while keeping old revisions for reference and reporting
  • Split member (bar container) into parts for release/fabrication purposes
  • Aggregate members (bar containers) into batches for release/fabrication purposes and maintain status on the batch level
  • Aggregate members (bar containers) into BBS schedules as per engineering and maintain status on the schedule level
  • Progress Tracking: Control status of bars during construction life-cycle (engineered, released, fabricated, erected) on the bars container level (member or level 4 in the WBS)
  • Export bar detailing to ERP control system, Excel, XML or HTML
  • BIM tagging: ability to relate BIM tags to members (bar containers) and maintain tag status
  • Integrate with ERP control system with ability to link to multiple steel bar stores
  • Integrate with Enterprise Document Management system


                                      WBS Tree
                                                             Rebar Report
                                                                          Optimization Results Report