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BIM BOQ Quantifier for Revit

This intuitive software allows Autodesk® Revit® users to leverage models to generate accurate Bills of Quantities (BOQs).  It was developed by highly-experienced quantity surveyors who worked on large building and infrastructure projects. With a few clicks, the user can easily link objects to specifications as well as built powerful formulas and rules. The software can be configured to meet the requirements of various International Quantification Standards such as ICMS, CIQS, SMM7, NRM, POMI. The generated BOQ’s can easily be exported to any database or excel file.

BIM BOQ Quantifier Features: 

Under the BIM BOQ Quantifier Plugin, you can find 5 Commands: 
Generate Take Off, MTO Settings, Material Assignment, License Activation and Help.

1-Material Assigment:
Used to assign BOQ items from the product Catalogue (Material Codes) to the Revit Family’s Types (Family*Type).  It also allows to set the link formula from inside Revit.
The link formula is a set of algebraic operations used by our quantifier to calculate the BOQ quantities.

2-MTO Settings:
This tool is to configure the layout of your take off reports. The user’s changes and selections are saved in an XMl file (ExtractList.xml) and will be used every time a takeoff report is exported.

 3-Generate Take Off:
The user has the option for each “Generate Take Off” to select the pre-saved MTO settings or to create a new one on the fly which will be applicable only to the current report.
Generated material takeoff will be stored in a csv file in the same path of the Revit model file.



  - Very Precise measurements.
  - Considers joints and intersecting surfaces.
  - Conditional quantification formulas.
  - Conditional opening deduction formulas. 

  - Detailed quantities takeoff with floor& elements ID. 

  - Can be configured to any measurement standards. 

  - Unlimited category levels to meet any required hierarchy.


Get the BIM BOQ Quantifier for  Autodesk® Revit® here: